Tuesday, July 9, 2019

"All I Got Was..."

“The government shut down and all I got was a bunch of crap.” The media gave President Trump a bunch of crap for not visiting the troops on Christmas, at the same time his airplane was landing in Iraq, with he and his wife aboard. So instead of recognizing their error and apologizing they spent the next few days “nit-picking” the visit. They falsely claimed that Trump signing MAGA hats was against the rules. They criticized Melania’s choice of footwear. Both things of little or NO importance. Next, they’ll resurrect their claim that President Trump always gets TWO scoops of ice cream while the troops will only get one. This liberal media’s coverage of this president is petty and childish, and reflects the “hate Trump syndrome” that has affected not only the politicians in DC and elsewhere, but solidly in the media. You’d think they’d eventually figure out how petty and childish they are and do something else. What they’re doing is making sure NOBODY will ever take them seriously again. They’ve accused him of everything bad under the sun, mostly, if not all false, with nothing to back it up except “unnamed sources” that probably don’t even exist. (You Tube)

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