Wednesday, July 17, 2019

1,000 Illegal Guns

None of them legally-obtained. That’s what they discovered when they raided this California home recently. In a state where gun ownership is tightly controlled, how is this possible? Did this guy just IGNORE all their highly-touted anti-gun laws? Looks like it, doesn’t it. So what GOOD are all those anti-gun laws doing if one man can illegally acquire that many guns? And it seems this man had not done, nor planned, any terrorist activities or crimes with those guns. He just wanted to own them. Anti-gun fools work hard, all the time, to keep people from being able to resist crooks and their illegal guns, and people who get their guns anyway to defend themselves BECOME criminals so they CAN defend themselves against the criminals—at least those who aren’t wearing badges, that is. They just can’t get the futility of their anti-gun laws through their thick skulls. Or they know they’re going to come for your property in the future and don’t want to meet a gun in your hand when they do. But they’re still going to run into many guns in the hands of their intended victims because of the millions of illegal guns already out there. (CNN)

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