Monday, July 15, 2019

Only the Law-Abiding

Anti-gun laws only do one thing: they make it easier for the lawless to victimize the law-abiding by disarming them and making them "easy targets" for the lawless, who just don't bother to obey anti-gun laws. There isn't a single anti-gun law that has EVER stopped a "gun crime" because the people their laws are supposed to apply to, simply IGNORE them and continue to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their laws. Meanwhile, the anti-gun fools keep insisting on making ever more of their USELESS anti-gun laws, while insulting people who point out their ignorance and try to stop their depredations and attempts to violate the Constitution of the United States. They have to KNOW this, but they still ignore it and make their stupid, silly laws, that only make a bad problem worse. There ARE ways to make gun crime go down, such as arming the law-abiding, but they won't even entertain the thought. They ignore all the MILLIONS of illegal guns already out there and say that, if the law-abiding get to carry their guns for self defense, there'll be a "blood bath" and "blood in the streets." That may be true for a while, as the law-abiding go about killing the lawless when they try to victimize them. But soon, the LACK of lawless using illegal guns will go down enough to stop that, due to the lack of targets. And the law-abiding don't run around shooting people over trifles, like the lawless already do. (Just common sense)

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