Friday, July 19, 2019

"The Envy of the World"

That’s how President Trump describes our economy after just over two years of his administration, in spite of all the roadblocks the Dumocrats have put in his way, and keep putting in his way. And he’s right, and predictably the liberal media says he is “praising himself.” Quite different from the Obama economy, which almost destroyed our economy. An economy that Obama assured us was never going to get better. Where millions of Americans were not only unemployed, but they had given up on ever again finding a job. The Stock Market is closing at record highs, after doing so many times in the last couple of years. Jobs Obama assured us were “gone forever” have come back, and not just the part time jobs Obama’s policies forced people to get in multiples so as to make enough money to survive. Full time jobs so plentiful that we are now having trouble finding people to fill the jobs available. President Trump keeps winning, even while the Dumocrats, and the liberal media, “bad-mouth” him every time he moves a hand. Any time he does something good for America, they find something to criticize about it. They “investigate him to death,” uncovering NOTHING, while telling us all about the “crimes” he is supposed to be guilty of, but which they cannot prove. They think that is going to be a winning strategy in 2020, and are they going to be surprised when he whips their butts again, as he has been doing at every turn. (The Advertiser)

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