Monday, July 8, 2019

Must Have Killed Them

Even CNN couldn't get out of reporting this "good guy with a gun" story, and it must have made their headline writers shake with fury to have to write it. The headline is: "Armed Citizen Kills Gunman at Oklahoma City Restaurant." Writing it might have caused them to have a nervous breakdown, I don't know. Seems like a guy walked into a restaurant and started shooting at two girls. Whereupon a nearby citizen who was legally armed, shot him to death, saving the lives of those girls, and who knows how many more. CNN regularly writes that things like this don't happen. What made them actually run this story is a mystery, because it clearly marks them as liars. Again proving the LIE that "good guys with guns" don't ever stop mass shootings." Meanwhile, incidents of good guys with guns stopping shootings mount, as MILLIONS of them do it. Most don't get covered by CNN, or the rest of the liberal media, because they are fully invested in disarming the law-abiding in America. (Clash Daily)

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