Monday, July 22, 2019

"America! American! Banned!

Those are words you won’t see if the Colorado State University has its way. They say that “American” is a non-inclusive word that should be avoided, so they have officially banned in in their Online Inclusive Language Guide, which would be better described as their “Speech Police Guide.” This is a natural result of the liberal influence and control in universities all over the country. My expectation is that other universities will follow suit and ban the word, “America,” too. This is how the liberals work. They do such things and then wonder why we say they “hate America.” I look for them next to BAN the American Flag as “not being inclusive.” These are “The Days of Stupidity” everywhere liberals control things. ANYTHING that recognizes the advances President Trump has made in the last 2 years is also “frowned upon” and liberal editors refuse to allow them to be told. In the communist Soviet Union, the government controlled the media and what it can report. In AMERICA, the liberal media censors itself. We must somehow regain control of the media to keep it from destroying us in its ignorance. (Legal Insurrection)

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