Wednesday, July 10, 2019

America Is "Roaring!"

In spite of everything the left has done to prevent it, so as not to give President Trump any victories. But Trump is still winning in many places, places the left cannot reach. He has found many ways around their obstruction. One of the most recent roadblocks the left has tried to place in his way is the Obama-appointed judge who thinks he can block a president’s wishes to the extent that he (or she) has told the Trump people they could not use the attorneys they wished to use in a frivolous suit designed to thwart his attempt to direct that a citizenship question be returned to the census form (Obama ordered it removed, so Trump can reverse that, too). Where he gets the idea he has the power to block the president is beyond me. Some judges think they’re God, and their word is LAW, whether they are backed by any law, or not. The president has the power to add the citizenship question, by law, and the Constitution, and no amount of biased fool “rulings” can change that. But don’t tell that to this judge. He (or she) isn’t smart enough to realize it. The left has sponsored the move toward $15.00 an hour for beginners who just aren’t worth that much. They say MEN can enter women’s restrooms and changing rooms, and nobody can do anything about it. Trump HAS done something about that. He has reversed Obama’s “order” that allowed it. The left has opposed each and every action by this president, and he has “run rings around them” every time—or will do so, soon. (Just common sense)

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