Monday, July 22, 2019

"Sue the Bast-rds!"

While I’m on the subject of suing people, maybe it would be a good time to bring something up that I’ve been thinking of as I watch the Dumocrats violate every right President Trump has by their incessant “investigations,” going over the same facts time after time and finding nothing, and then opening yet another “investigation” that goes nowhere and spends millions of dollars of OUR money. Taxpayers ought to be able to get together and SUE the Dumocrat Party for violating the Constitution many times, in their continual efforts to “get rid of President Trump.” That Trump has done NOTHING illegal has been proven, over and over, yet Dumocrats start yet one more “investigation,” spending more millions of our dollars and wasting the time of a lot of good people just because they did some business with Trump, at one time in his career.

And they have ruined the lives of many of those people while finding, again, nothing illegal that Trump did, laying waste to those people, none of whom did anything wrong in “collusion” with Trump. They DID find a few small things with which to charge some of those people, but whether or not they found anything, they BROKE them financially. Trump’s one-time attorney, who falsified testimony about a supposed “hush money” payment, finally told them what they wanted to hear to shorten his prison sentence. They willy-nilly violated the rights of many people by denying them the services of attorneys when they questioned them for hours, sometimes DAYS at a time, hunting for a faulty memory they could twist into a lie. Dumocrats should learn that they cannot slander the legally-elected president without consequences. What if they charged you with murder, couldn't prove it, then tried you over and over for several years for the same "crime," until they "wore you down" and got a guilty verdict by whatever means necessary? (AXIOS)

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