Monday, July 22, 2019

Mass. Violating the Constitution

The Massachusetts governor signed into law a gun confiscation measure in his state the other day, there by VIOLATING the Constitution of the United States. Again proving that there should be a way to PUNISH those politicians who enact, or even PROPOSE measures that violate the Constitution. That was a BIG MISTAKE, made by the Founders. They thought the embarrassment at having their unconstitutional measures reversed by the Supreme Court would be enough to stop such overly officious politician from making, or even contemplating such things. There needed to be a PUNISHMENT assigned to politicians who violated, or even CONTEMPLATED violating the Constitution. Unfortunately, it’s too late to apply such a measure to violators, because the very people who would be voting would be the people who would be the most GUILTY. And they aren’t going to do it, in case they, themselves, want to try and enact an unconstitutional measure. This unconstitutional measure, of course, will be enforced, UNTIL the Supreme Court acts—if it even does, if the liberals on the Court prevail. Meanwhiole their citizens suffer under their criminality. (Daily Caller)

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