Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Gun Control Fallacy

The whole idea that making laws to ban ONLY the law-abiding (who are the only ones who OBEY laws) from buying guns is a fallacy. It's stupid. Yet far too many stupid politicians believe in it. they have to know that their laws don''t work. That all they do is make a bad problem worse, by disarming the law-abiding, who aren't usually the problem, and making them "sitting ducks" for the LAW-BREAKERS, who ARE. The lawbreakers break laws. That's why they're called law-BREAKERS. So they aren't going to even THINK about obeying a law that says they can't have a gun to use in committing their other crimes. Why these politicians can't get this through their thick skulls is a mystery to me. The only reason I can think of for politicians to disarm the law-abiding is that they plan on victimizing them themselves, and don't want to meet a gun in their hands when they do. So my suggestion is this: don't vote for ANY politician who has "gun control" on his agenda. He/she has an ulterior motive that's not good news for you. Get your guns ILLEGALLY if you have to, and fergawdsake don't let the government know you have them. (Just common sense)

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