Friday, October 31, 2014

This Is Islamic Terrorism

Terrorists are getting static now because some think they have used “chemical weapons.” But so what? Isn’t what they do on a daily basis good enough reason to shot and KILL each and every Islamic terrorist you see, anywhere? The guy with the megaphone in this sickening video should be shot in his megaphone. This happened in ENGLAND! And these fools were not arrested, nor even questioned. They were CHEERED by the crowd while they beat the girls for resisting. Why are they allowed to do such things in a supposed “civilized society?” Why weren’t they arrested, or SHOT? I’d say these were ANIMALS, but I don’t want to insult animals. They’re sub-human fools. They say ISIS doesn’t “represent Islam.” They’re right. But Islam DOES “represent” THEM. Islam is NOT a “religion.” It is EVIL and needs to be eradicated from the Earth, and anywhere else it arises. (Patriots & Politics)

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