Monday, October 27, 2014

No Voter Fraud?

That’s what Democrats say. Gimme a break! Imagine a GOP candidate in Chicago (where else?) voting for himself, only to discover the machine registered his vote for his OPPONENT! That actually happened to Republican State Representative Jim Moynihan in Chicago. To say it “undermined his confidence in the voting machine” goes without saying, but he shouldn’t be surprised; especially not in Rahm Emmanuel’s (by proxy Obama’s) Chicago; home of the BEST in political thieves. He cast votes for other Republicans and found that he had voted for ALL of their OPPONENTS. After complaining to the election officials, he was finally able to get his votes properly registered, but he doesn’t know if the machine he used (#008956) was fixed, or is STILL giving all the GOP votes to Democrats. Moreover he doesn’t know whether or not other machines are doing likewise, there, or all over the country. This doesn’t have to happen ONLY in “Rahm’s Town.” It could be happening everywhere. They just do it better there. I’ve always wondered about these ubiquitous “voting machines,” and now my suspicions have been confirmed. (American Thinker)

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