Monday, October 20, 2014

Freedom FROM Religion?

Freedom OF Religion: that’s what we’re supposed to have in this country, guaranteed by the Constitution. UNLESS we’re opposed to gay marriage and are in the “wedding business,” and are Christian. If we refuse to “service” a gay wedding, on religious, or any pother grounds, we can be sued, and put out of business. When did the gays become so strong? Probably when they became so numerous in politics. Then they make laws and “regulations” that make gay wishes stronger than that of anybody else. In fact, anybody who so much as CRITICIZES gays is ostracized. I have nothing against gays, but I resent them pushing their wishes on me, or mine. I will not stand for that, and they can’t do a thing to me for that. Fortunately for them, I am not in the wedding business. I just don’t give a damn about their pressure, and I say what I wish to say. To make trouble for someone for refusing to bake a cake for their phony “weddings” is CRIMINAL, and I’ll be the first to say it, and to hell with their “pressure.” People are allowed to choose with whom they will do business, by law, for ANY reason, or for NO reason. Any effort to take that right away from them is a CRIME; be it an individual, or a state government, backed up by a corrupt court. Apparently it’s easier to bribe a court than I thought, to make such “findings.” (World Net Daily)

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