Monday, October 20, 2014

How Stupid Can People Be?

I’ve said, many times, that kids just attaining the age of majority haven’t been on this world long enough to know anything. And they prove it every time they get a chance. In this case, they signed a petition for “Ebola equality”(whatever THAT is), and out of 30 who signed, 17 checked the box saying they would invite Ebola patients to stay in their homes. I'm glad these are not MY kids! This is BEYOND stupidity. This is SUICIDE! An intelligent person doesn’t want an Ebola patient in the same CITY as they are! The same STATE! But to allow them to LIVE with them? I know youngsters aren’t too smart, but this is beyond anything I’ve ever heard! Not only that, they're putting their families in danger. At that age, how many of them live on their own? (Prison Planet)

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