Monday, October 27, 2014

Do We Need An "Ebola Czar?"

Especially one who knows NOTHING about Ebola? Who is nothing except a “political hack” from the same gang that has victimized everybody in the United States? This guy, who is a former aide to Joe Biden (Bitme) and AlGore, and is a former fund raiser for Democrats, didn’t even bother to attend the first two meetings Obama held about Ebola. Will he actually DO anything except collect his handsome salary? Don’t we have enough DOCTORS who are EXPERIENCED in handling Ebola to appoint? No; we get a political hack who knows NOTHING about Ebola so Obama can say he “did something” about Ebola. I think with the way Obama is handling the Ebola “problem” many Americans are going to die. Obama is one of the worst dangers we have ever faced. And nobody has the gonads to do anything about him. What kind of spineless fools do we have in DC who watch Obama ruin this country without even ATTEMPTING to do anything about him? (American Thinker)

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