Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ruined: Over Global Warming

An award-winning scientist was “excommunicated” by NASA for publishing a report showing that AlGore’s favorite con—one that has made him a multi-billionaire—is phony. They didn’t even try to discredit the report. They just fired him, and even AlGore “took a shot” at him. Some of the things revealed in this report are: $22 billion of taxpayer money misappropriated, corruption, such as Obama funneling money he claims is “green energy money” into his own political campaigns and those of his cronies. This, and a lot more damning evidence was revealed, and the government is not only IGNORING it, they are PUNISHING the people who try and tell them about it. This entire GOVERNMENT is using global warming to create a political “slush fund,” and they resent any effort to expose it. (News Max)

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