Thursday, October 16, 2014

Moneymaking Proposition

In Illinois, police agencies are “confiscating” (stealing) guns and selling them, and will not answer questions about it. They’re making a lot of money that way. Many people wonder if this is legal, but when you’re dealing with a police agency, he burden of proof that it is NOT legal is on YOU. Some sheriffs are not even selling them, but are taking ownership of some of the guns themselves. One sheriff is actually IN the gunsmithing business, giving him a ready outlet to sell guns he has “confiscated.” A spokesperson for the State Police, says such guns should be returned to their owners, turned over to the State Police (who will probably sell them), or be destroyed. They say once the case has been adjudicated the guns should be returned, destroyed, or turned over to the State Police. One of the things the State Police can do is “any other application as deemed appropriate by the Department.” Which means THEY can sell them if that is “deemed appropriate. ”Illinois Watchdog attempted to question them about this, and they were rebuffed. (The Daily Caller)

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