Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Open Ballot stuffing

“There’s no election fraud,” huh? Here is a video showing a man walking into a polling place (in Arizona, this time, not Chicago) and stuffing the ballot box with hundreds of phony ballots, unimpeded. An election official asked him what he was doing and was told to “Go Screw yourself.” Apparently there were no cops there nor any election officials with gonads enough to oppose him. He spent about ten minutes stuffing the ballot as others walked by and looked, but with nobody doing anything to stop him. How many places in the country do things like this happen that you never heard of? Is there NO “security” in these places? Can a thug walk in and stuff the ballot box with NOBODY able to stop him? Why is it possible for this to even happen? Because there is no proper ID required for anybody who wants to vote, not only under his own name, but others, as well. (American Thinker)

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