Saturday, October 18, 2014

ISIS Crosses Our Southern Border

It’s true. They caught TEN of them. How many got across the border that they DIDN’T catch? They’ve caught more than that, but nobody’s talking about it. And now they’re saying it didn’t happen. That somebody LIED. What IS it with these politicians that they won’t realize that ISIS is a major threat to our lives and way of life and start talking about it when they’re found coming in? Why do the “authorities” insist on calling such things as the Ft. Hood shooting by a PROUD Muslim or the Oklahoma beheading by a KNOWN Muslim, “workplace violence” when they know most of us who pay attention know that’s a scurrilous LIE? Don’t they know that denying the danger Islamic terrorism presents GUARANTEES that we will eventually lose the fight? Is Obama a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer? I don’t know. But it certainly LOOKS that way, and other politicians are following his lead. (CBS DC)

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