Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Hick" Threatens Voters

He says if he is defeated for re-election, he is going to PARDON a mass-killer. Which points up the fact that “lame-duck” office-holders should not be allowed to make such decisions when they are :lame ducks” and probably mad about being defeated. He has threatened to commute the sentence of mass killer Nathan Dunlap, who killed four people in a “Chucky Cheese” restaurant for children. This is a guy many people think is different from other politicians. I agree. But he is NOT ‘better different,” he’s WORSE. Only an evil man would free a mass murderer if he doesn’t get re-elected. Hickenlooper is known for staying Dunlap’s execution before, so he could escape responsibility for killing him and “pass the buck” to the next governor. That’s a “weak-willy” action by a man who should be strong. I used to like Hick, until I began to see that he was just another “tax and spend Democrat.” He’s a personable guy, but I go by ACTIONS, not character traits. (Breitbart)

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