Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Houston Wants "Oversight" of Sermons

What is it that causes such STUPIDITY? Have these people not heard about the First Amendment, which FORBIDS any laws limiting the practice of religion? Which also forbids limiting free speech in any way? What kind of fools are these politicians? At least one (the mayor) is gay, which isn’t a problem, to me. But it does seem to be a problem to HER; and since she is MAYOR of Houston, she thinks she has to power to force her views on her fellow Houstoners. There should be laws against such people (gay or not) trying to force their single issue views on other people. If she wants to be gay, let her be gay. It’s not our business who she sees sexually. But she should not be allowed to force her views on others BECAUSE she’s gay. She would certainly object is I, as a  heterosexual, tried to force my views on her, and she would be right. (World Net Daily)

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