Saturday, October 18, 2014

Another Obama Power Grab

Did you know the Obama administration tried to force banks and other lending institutions to stop dealing with gun makers and sellers? This was a “back-room effort at gun control.” They couldn’t do it with law, so they tried it “under the table.” It was called, “Operation Choke Point,” hoping to achieve de facto gun control by choking off their financing. But it didn’t work. The Judicial Watch found out about it, and publicized it, causing it to fail. The Department of Justice under Holder has become toe worst violator of the Freedom of Information Act, REFUSING to release ANY information about this effort. but the very fact of uncovering what they could prove effectively stopped the scheme. Gun makers and sellers found alternative money sources and have gone on, largely unaffected by Obama’s underhanded efforts. Remember, the people this is aimed have broken no laws. They have only been engaged in activities certain liberal politicians don’t approve of, so they must be “shut down,” legal or not, according to liberal theology. That’s right: “theology.” Liberalism is a RELIGION. And ”unbelievers” are not allowed (Where have I heard that before?). (World Net Daily)

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