Thursday, October 23, 2014

A "Good Guy With A gun"

Didja notice one small fact nobody in the media has seen fit to mention? That the “teed-off Islamist” who shot up the Canadian Parliament building was stopped by “a good guy with a gun” after he killed just ONE guy? Not only that, they made little of the fact that this “teed-off Islamist” had his passport removed when they found out he had recently converted to Islam and wanted to go over and train with the terrorists, then come back and kill some ”unbelievers?” Isn’t this something WE should be doing to those “students” who are trying to do likewise? But, NO! We just “commiserate” with them and diddle around about “what to do.” Yes, their decision did get a man killed, mostly because of the LACK of security in that building. But it also accomplished one less ISLAMIST left in the world. I’d say that’s a “net plus.” Islam should be declared a “criminal religion” and BANNED in the United States, with people like that imprisoned, to save them from themselves. There’s sure enough evidence for that! (HuffingtonPost)

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