Monday, October 20, 2014

Anti-Gun Hysteria Personified

A five-year-old little girl “drew a gun” in school and was forced to sign a “no suicide contract” at school, while her mother waited OUTSIDE. I thought to law required a parent or child representative to be present at any such action. No, she didn’t “pull a gun” on anybody. She “drew a PICTURE” of a gun—or at least one that RESEMBLED a gun involving a hand and a crayon. And the school :officials” went bananas and forced her to sign a paper containing words she didn’t even understand—words like “suicide,” which she asked her mother about, later. Never mind ANY “contract” signed by a youngster that young isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and would not stop anything, anyway—if that little girl DID plan somebody’s death or her own suicide. Like a “restraining order,” it would not stop anything if that child did plan murder or suicide. Signing a useless paper would not stop her. But the whole idea of someone so young contemplating murder or suicide is about as stupid as there is. And these are the people who are TEACHING our children. They ought to be forced to attend an “anti-stupidity class.” (Guns Save Lives)

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