Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wrong Target, As Usual

Atlanta, GA, where the NRA is holding its national convention, is about to disarm itself more, if the governor vetoes the measure passed by the legislature to allow students and others on campus to be armed for self defense. The campus police at Georgia tech are not armed, so if any of the millions of holders of ILLEGAL guns comes on campus to kill some people, they won't be able to do anything but “run or die,” as will the students, faculty, and other employees and visitors. The police chief there says the “crime problem” isn't a major factor, and recommends that veto. It seems to me the “authorities” are bound and determined to make it easier for the “bad guys” to victimize people. They want to keep guns away from law-abiding people even though they KNOW there are ALREADY many guns on campus ILLEGALLY. But their laws do nothing about that until they find the illegal guns, which they normally do AFTER they are used to hurt or kill an UNARMED law-abiding citizen. (Allen West)

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