Monday, July 17, 2017

Stealing Their Money

The bridal outfitters who suddenly went out of business without any kind of warning are not simply bankrupt. This smacks of a purposeful effort to STEAL thousands, maybe even MILLIONS of dollars from their customers. The management of these stores HAD to know, for a long time, that this was going to happen—time enough at least, to give notice to their customers so they can get their money back. They did not do this. They opted to SUDDENLY go out of business without warning, keeping their customers' money and simply disappearing, leaving it to their lawyer to handle the legalities. That is THEFT. They kept right on accepting orders with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in “deposits,” right up to the end. They had to have come out of this with a million dollar payday. The owners are “in hiding,” not willing to confront those people they swindled out of a lot of money. These people should be JAILED for SWINDLING these people, hiding behind the bankruptcy laws. (Just common sense)

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