Monday, July 10, 2017

More Stupid Gun Laws

I can't believe such STUPID politicians have been instrumental in running our country. But current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel used to be very powerful in the federal government, until he decided he wanted to be the top man in SOME governmental organization. He chose Chicago, a corrupt city that had spawned Barack Hussein Obama, the scourge of the American government. In Chicago, where they have some of the tightest of stupid gun laws, the “streets run red” with the blood of the victims of ILLEGAL guns. A “straw purchaser in Chicago “beat the charges,” and now Rahm wants even MORE stupid gun laws. I don't mean to say ALL gun laws are stupid, even though all the current ones are, because they target the GUNS, not the PEOPLE misusing the guns. If they ever came up with some laws that actually WORKED, I'd be all for them. But they seem not to be intelligent enough to do that. (NRA-ILA)

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