Wednesday, July 5, 2017

ISIS Targets Children

They go out of their way to make a big PR splash when we ACCIDENTALLY injure or even kill a civilian, especially a child. They even make up stories by showing pictures of dead children THEY killed, and blaming it on us. But we NEVER “target” children. They do. I'll repeat that: they do! In England, they bombed a rock concert attended mostly by children, and one of their victims was EIGHT. In Egypt, they attacked a busload of Christians, many of them children, and killed a bunch of them. These evil bast-rds not only don't care who they kill, they SEEK OUT children to kill. For that, they do not deserve to continue breathing the air the rest of us breathe. They need to be EXECUTED wherever they are caught in the act of terrorism. Not captured. Not imprisoned at GITMO, or anywhere else. And torture should not be banned where they are concerned, but they should never be allowed to reach a place where they can be tortured They should be executed on the spot. They deserve nothing more. They have lost the right to HAVE rights. Or to be alive. That may sound crass or nasty, but they have EARNED it. People who target children should be exterminated. (Just common sense)

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