Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Voter Fraud Is BS!"

That's what Dumocrats say, anyway (as echoed by CNN), while at the same time they are feverishly ENGAGED in voter fraud, while opposing ANY logical actions to prevent it. They jump all over anybody who even SUGGESTS requiring photo ID in order to vote, one of the most important actions to be taken by anybody, while that is the BEST way to ensure people cannot vote several times. Protecting their ability TO vote many times is the reason for that. They say, “disadvantaged people” just can't afford a photo ID in the richest country in the world, where photo ID is required to do many things. I took a trip the other day and had to show my photo ID TWICE just to check in and go through security to get on an airplane. There are many things we must do every day that require photo ID, but they think we shouldn't have to show one to vote. Dumocrats are the worst offenders when it comes to vote fraud, and they jealously guard their ability to do so by opposing each and every measure we attempt to take to prevent it. (Liberty Headlines)

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