Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kathy Griffith's Stupidity

Comedienne Kathy Griffith decided she needed to become better known—have more “fame.” So she went out and bought a Donald Trump mask and decorated it to look like a bloody severed head, then posted a picture of herself on TMZ holding up “Trump's severed head.” She got what she wanted. Now the whole world knows her name. Meanwhile, her “career” is falling apart, and she's (like Hillary) blaming everybody BUT herself for that, when SHE did it. She laments a “sitting president” and his family “bullying” her. She doesn't think showing herself with Trump's imaginary severed head should not get a response from a man who has shown conclusively that he doesn't let such things pass without a response. I can't believe the incredible STUPIDITY of this woman. She says, “Trump messed with the wrong redhead.” Actually, that redhead messed with the wrong president. (Just common sense)

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