Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Poisonous Politics

Politics today is not a “friendly discourse.” It's PAID violence, paid for by Dumocrats. It's stage shows depicting the killing of President Trump, being lauded as “great art” by the liberal media. It's a comedienne holding up a bloody severed head that is supposed to represent Trump's head. It's a guy with a LIST of conservative Republicans he wants to kill, who himself died in a hail of gunfire when he started shooting at a group of REPUBLICAN lawmakers (he made sure of that) who were practicing for a charity ball game. Dumocrats REFUSE to accept the fact that they LOST in 2016, and go on to make themselves more acceptable to the voters. They blame everything EXCEPT themselves for their loss, and PAY people to “demonstrate” violently. They try everything they can to find a reason to get Trump out of office, by impeachment, if necessary. They come after him every day, in every way, hoping to “wear him down” so he'll resign in disgust. But I got a clue for them. It ain't aggona work. Trump's a fighter. The more they go after him, the harder he works to disassemble their little “house of cards.” That's what they're afraid of; they KNOW they are in “deadly danger” of losing their little fiefdoms, and that frightens them, no end. I expect, sometime soon, for them to sponsor an assassination attempt. I HOPE it's an ATTEMPT, anyway. If it's successful, it won't help their cause, though it will make them very happy while VP Pence continues Trump's work—at least, until they can put together another assassination attempt. And I believe Dumocrats are capable of doing just that. (Just common sense)

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