Monday, July 10, 2017

"Cuz' I WANT It!"

That's why the story about Trump's “Russian Connection” just won't die. Sometimes cartoonists hit it right on the head with their cartoons, and other times they miss it by a mile. This cartoon, by Scott Stantis, “hammers the nail in very well.” It tells us in a few panels the reason why Dumocrats just will NOT drop the “Russian Connection” idea even though, after months of expensive “investigation,” they cannot find a single shred of EVIDENCE of such collusion. They think he's guilty, and they'll keep looking, even if there is never any evidence found, because they WANT him to be guilty. They will take nothing less than his guilt, whether he is, or not. That's very juvenile of them, but they'll never admit it. To admit it would be to admit they lost the election through their own incompetence, and they would have make some changes for the future. That, they will never do, They aren't smart enough. (Prickly City)

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