Monday, July 17, 2017

Defeating the Purpose

Having a gun in the house is usually for self defense. Many people keep their guns in a safe, somewhere out of the way, which defeats the purpose of having a gun in the house, because that is DESIGNED to make it difficult to get it into operation quickly—and if you can't get your gun into operation within a few seconds when a gun-wielding intruder threatens you, what GOOD is it? Many jurisdictions REQUIRE your guns to be in such safes. ALL the current gun laws are DESIGNED to make it harder for you (not the criminal) to be able to defend yourself. Here is a “gun safe” you can use that allows INSTANT access to your guns if you have the “key” while functioning AS a “gun safe.” And it isn't usually hidden away in a back room, somewhere. It can be right there when you need it. (Home Defense News)

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