Thursday, July 20, 2017

Firing Mueller

The news media is “going gaga” about the possibility of Trump firing the “special prosecutor” when he is NOT. It's only in their feeble minds that he is “considering it.” And their musings are based on the imaginings of one man, not on anything concrete. But Trump is in a very precarious position regarding Mueller. He has an OBVIOUS conflict of interest, in that he is a long-time close friend of James Comey. He has DEMONSTRATED his conflict of interest by the people he has appointed as his “investigators” and other staff: they're, if not all, MOSTLY Obama operatives, and are demonstrated ENEMIES of Donald Trump. If there is any way to “take Trump down,” they'll find it—or manufacture it. If he allows Mueller to do what it seems he was put there to do by the Dumocrats, he's in trouble. If he rightly fires Mueller, he's in trouble. It only remains for him to figure out which action will cause him the LEAST trouble. The Dumocrats will be “on him,” no matter what he does. (CNN)

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