Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nothing But Good

President Trump has done nothing but good for the United States since he was elected, in spite of what liberals say. Liberals (Dumocrats) hate that, because it makes them look like the FOOLS they are, and always have been. They just don't understand why Trump was elected over their highly-touted candidate who didn't seem to be able to tell us why we should elect her, except that she wasn't Donald Trump, and that she was a female. She seemed to think that was all that was needed for her to score a landslide victory. She did not even visit states she thought, in her misplaced overconfidence, that were “in the bag.” They were NOT. Every day we hear about yet another good thing Donald Trump has done for this country. But not from the so-called, "mainstream media."

His actions have created a MILLION new jobs for the Americans who have been out of work for so long under Obama they have given up looking—until Donald Trump was elected. Dumocrats continue to say the lowest, filthiest things about Trump. They insinuate (nay, SAY) that he is not only illiterate, stupid, and yes, even INSANE. They say they're “deathly afraid” that he, in his ignorance, will do something very bad for America. In reality, the only things he will do that are bad, will be bad for the Dumocrats (liberals) as he has PROMISED to do. And that frightens them, because none of their gratuitous insults have fazed him, nor done him a whit of harm. He continues to do good work, in spite of all their efforts to block his every action—and he will continue to do so as long as he is president. (Just common sense)

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