Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Just Run Him Out

In the first political ad in Virginia, Democrat Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, who wants the top job, says he is “unalterably anti-gun.” That, by itself, should cost him the election if Virginia voters were smart, but it probably won't. Because there are way too many fools that agree with him in that state. They elected Terry McAuliffe, didn't they? We need to learn that, the more anti-gun politicians we elect to office, the more we're going to have trouble keeping or obtaining the means to our own self defense, a gun, even though the Constitution guarantees that right. What makes these politicians think they can make unconstitutional laws and get away with it, I don't know. They figure every way they can to get around the Constitution, not just on gun issues, but others, too. He's also in favor of gay “marriage,” and I'll bet he's in favor of “transgender rights,” too (men in women's restrooms and changing rooms if they think they're women that day). He's probably in favor of all the liberal damfool ideas. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

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