Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"Don't Mess With A Texan"

In a home just north of Houston, TX, three thugs waited in the bushes for a man to come home. They pistol whipped him and forced him to let them into his home, where his wife and children were. Once inside, they lost interest in him and went about collecting goodies to steal. While they were doing that, the homeowner was able to get his own gun, and shot one of them. They “lit out for the tall timber,” with one stop on the way at a hospital for one of their number who now had a new hole in his hide. The cops arrested him there. He is expected to recover and will be jailed when he does. The others are still running and haven't been found—yet. They learned a good lesson: don't mess with a Texan. The man's wife and children were unharmed in this—physically, anyway. And the anti-gun fools keep telling us these things never happen, that legal gun owners are more likely to shoot themselves, rather than a “bad guy.” dream on, folks! (Bearing Arms)

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