Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It Happened Again!

The anti-gun fools keep saying it doesn't happen,. But it keeps on happening, to the detriment of users of ILLEGAL guns, who go where no law-abiding people go, bringing their guns with them. In this case, a man walked into a bar and killed the bartender, and was, himself, killed by a “bystander” who happened to have a carry permit and his own gun. There's no telling how many others this guy would have killed, but the concealed carrier not only did away with the threat he represented to others, he saved the government a lot of money in trial costs if the shooter had been arrested and prosecuted for his crime. That's TWO good reasons for more and more people to be able to carry their own guns. This concealed carrier was in a bar with his gun. But it was not him that killed an innocent man, but he was the one who took immediate action to keep the shooters from killing anyone else. Anti-gun fools will just call this case “gun violence,” ignoring the fact that a gun ENDED the violence perpetrated by a guy with an ILLEGAL gun. (Breitbart)

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