Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Anti-Gun Rally Fizzles

It's been happening a lot lately. Anti gun fools make big noises about a BIG rally to oppose those “wascally gun wovers,” and it fizzles—because not nearly as many folks are interested in their flights of fancy as they thought. In one case, only 15 people showed up. In this case, they crowed about “showing the NRA what's really happening in gun control by “confronting them” in a park almost a MILE away from the NRA venue in Atlanta where 80,000 people attended. Unfortunately, only about 75 people from the several anti-gun fool organizations showed up. The crowd was so thin they even gave away some of their T-shirts to the homeless that frequented that park to make it LOOK like more people showed up than did. But most of them were quite disinterested. This kind of thing should cause them to wake up to the fact that fewer and fewer people are interested in their scam, but it won't Fanatics don't learn from experience. Pretty soon they won't have enough money to put on their “shows.” Bloomberg has spent so much on their “failed mission” they HE might even run out of money. Or at least quit throwing good money after bad, with no results. (Bearing Arms)

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