Thursday, July 27, 2017

Her Only Answer

Maxine Waters has only one answer to every criticism: “It's RACIST!” She thinks the white world is racist, but she is proving that SHE is the worst racist around. Waters represents a very poor district, but lives in a multi-million dollar home OUTSIDE her district, and Tucker Carlson (Fox News) wondered how she could afford a $4.6 million dollar home on just a lawmaker's salary. She has been in elective office for 40 years, but is now one of the richest in people in Congress. It seems that she feels her ONLY job in DC is to say nasty things about Donald Trump. She does it every other day, usually based on NOTHING. And if ANYBODY criticizes her, for ANYTHING, she calls them a racist—again, without ANYTHING to back it up. She ignores the facts of the matter, asking, “Why is it bad for a black woman to do well?” I'll answer that: it isn't—unless she gets the money through political corruption. (DC Clothesline)

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