Friday, July 7, 2017

Islamic "Refugees" Increase Crime

No, I'm not a “Muslim hater.” But I, like very few of our liberal politicians, realize that the Islamic terrorists are using the “refugees” as a “Trojan Horse” to invade America and other countries by the millions. Proof of that is that wherever they accept Islamic “refugees,” crime spikes, and rapes increase markedly. Suits by Muslims “offended” by things we hold dear increase, as well, while liberal judges give them “big paydays” when they do. They spend most of their time making all the trouble they can, one way or the other. One of the absurdities they promote is that rape should not be a crime, because in Islamic cultures, rape is common and their men “just can't control themselves” when they see a woman who shows as much skin as they do in non-Muslim countries. They demand special treatment in every way they can. Like those Muslim taxi drivers who parked their cabs in the middle of the street so they could pray, and thought that shouldn't earn them a ticket, and to have their cabs towed away. It amazes me that more targeted action is not taken against those Muslim actions. And they use that phony word “Islamaphobia” to describe ANY criticism of their actions. Now they want to have laws made to make ANY criticism of Muslims a CRIME. (Liberty Headlines)

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