Thursday, July 13, 2017

Road Rage Shootings

The NY Times ran a story about a significant rise in “road rage shootings” numbering 1,319 during a 3-year period, resulting in at least 354 wounded and 136 killed, according to the Trace, which they consider a legitimate news source (Intelligent people do not). As usual, nowhere in the report is there ANY mention about whether or not the shooters were concealed carriers. People who are sufficiently responsible to GET a concealed carry permit don't usually just shoot people at random. That is the main problem with ALL reports of this kind. Most of the shooters carry ILLEGAL guns, about which they can do NOTHING with a law making it harder for law-abiding people to have guns to defend themselves against such attacks. If many of these victims had had their own guns, many of them would not have been victimized. Though the anti-gun fools would have reported it simply as “more gun violence” without mentioning it was in self defense. I wonder how many of their 1,319 shootings WERE in self defense against illegal guns? (NY Times)

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