Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Obama Did Nothing

He found out in August before the 2016 election that the Russians were meddling in our election process—NOT that they were “colluding” with Trump or any of his people, just that they were messing around, trying to subvert our election process—and did NOTHING. Why did he do nothing? Because he thought they were trying to help Hillary, and he didn't want to stop that, They logically thought Russia would WANT Hillary as president (one of the liberals' few logical moments), since she was as much of a socialist as Obama was, and they'd love having another socialist as president. So Hillary lost, and suddenly he (and the rest of the Dumocrats) decided they were actually helping Trump, and that Trump was in on it. They had no proof of that, because it wasn't true. But they promoted the narrative, anyway, hoping to make the world think Trump's election was fraudulent. But it didn't work, and it WON'T work. (Patriot Post)

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