Wednesday, July 5, 2017

That's All They Have

If that's all they have to say against Donald Trump, they're in big trouble if they hate him as much as they say they do. One of the biggest steak restaurant chains is now saying that Trump's way of eating steak is “abnormal,” because only about 11.7% of steak eaters eat their steaks well done. Really? So the hell WHAT? I eat mine well done, too. I don't like it with the blood still flowing, and neither does he. And who are these people to say that indicates that something is wrong with Trump—or me? Longhorn Steakhouses say “There is nothing as regrettable as a steak well done.” According to Ellen Rosner on “” says that “Trump's steak ordering habits reveal a basic flaw in what he is as a human being.” Food “experts” say that well done steak eaters use “aversion of risk as an “excuse.” Personally, I need no “excuses.” I just don't LIKE it nearly raw. And that's my RIGHT, and his, whatever food experts” may say. They can go straight to hell, for all of me. They say what “The opinion of world renowned gourmands is not enough for Trump.” So, the hell WHAT? I couldn't give less of a crap about what they say. I go by what I want, not what they want. How we eat our food is none of their damned business. (Daily Caller)

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