Monday, July 31, 2017

"A Real Constitutional Right?"

The Ninth Circuit (Circus) Court of Appeals says, we “must treat the Second Amendment as a REAL constitutional right.” What? Only the anti-gun fools have NOT. The Second IS a “real constitutional right.” It always has been, despite all the ways the anti-gun fools try to “get around it.” Their decision talks about “how to reclaim Second Amendment rights after a criminal conviction.” A question that should not even be asked. Criminals and the insane are the only people (besides terrorists) that should be kept from owning guns legally. Forever. If a person has been pardoned or otherwise had his conviction(s) expunged, he is no longer legally a criminal, and SHOULD get his gun rights back. Actually, in “real life,” the whole question is moot. A real CRIMINAL is more likely to get his gun ILLEGALLY, anyway. Criminals are funny that way. They don't OBEY laws. (Washington Post)

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