Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Last Conservative Standing

Tim Allen's highly rated show, “Last Man Standing,” was expected to last a long time. But not in the halls of ABC, which canceled it, in spite of it's high ratings (it was number 2 among TV comedies). Their action cannot be explained, except for the fact that Tim Allen is probably the LAST conservative left in Hollywood, and his politics are more important to ABC than profits. But, enter the Country Music TV channel (CMT), which is negotiating with ABC to continue the show. There's still a possibility they won't be able to come to terms with ABC to continue the show, though. But at least, they're trying. Frankly, I think when ABC or anybody else summarily cancels a show, that they should forfeit the right to stop the show from continuing on another channel. That way, they can't ruin the careers of all those associated with the show. This is obviously Hollywood's attempt to get rid of one of the last conservatives standing in Hollywood. There's no other logical reason for this cancellation. (Conservative Tribune)

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