Friday, July 28, 2017

Stupid Headline

“ISIS Appreciates NRA'S Work.” Why is it stupid? because, like most of the things put out by liberals, it lacks logic. As in their insistence that the Russians actually HELPED Trump become president, the very idea that ISIS would WANT to face a nation of ARMED people is ABSURD. What they would really like is a nation DISARMED by their government. It would then be a “turkey shoot.” They could kill “Infidels” at will without fearing for their own lives. As usual. Liberals (anti-gun fools) paint the NRA as badly as they can because it is their biggest block in their efforts to make us all DEFENSELESS against the ILLEGAL guns already out there. ISIS would really rather NRA work toward disarming them, too. They know they'll lose many of their own lives if they try to kill an ARMED people. Naturally, they're still putting out their usual LIE that you can buy a rifle without a background check at a gun show and that “90% of Americans object to that, and LIKE gun control.” That's just as STUPID as that headline above. This article, in New York Magazine, displays “institutional stupidity” beyond belief. (New York Magazine)

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