Friday, July 21, 2017

Just Too Suspicious

I've made mention several times about the long list of people who are about to, or have revealed something the Clintons didn't want known turning up dead in suspicious circumstances. And I've heard of THREE instances of that in just the last couple of days. The latest is the Haiti official who “exposed” the Clinton Foundation turning up dead. This is beginning to enter the realm of something happening too often to ignore. What I want to know is, is ANYBODY going to investigate this? Or are they too afraid of becoming the next “suicide?” This Haiti official's death is officially listed as “suicide” by gunshot to the head. How easy is it to shoot somebody and fake it as a suicide? He recently told people he feared for his life because he “exposed” some of the Clinton foundation dealings. And he was right. He was due to testify about Clinton foundation criminality in Haiti, but that will not happen, now. He's dead. And the Clintons have “dodged another bullet.” (Freedom's Phoenix)

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