Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Was Debbie Colluding?

Questions are being asked about whether or not Debbie Wasserman Schultz was involved with her Muslim family of IT folks in more than their bank fraud charges, which seem to be an excuse to arrest the patriarch of the family at the airport because he was trying to flee the country with millions of dollars. Other charges could come later. This guy and his family was very helpful to Debbie in blocking Bernie Sanders from the Dumocrat presidential nomination—that's something we know. But is her collusion with them deeper than that? We know she's a sleazy operator, but HOW sleazy? Why was she still paying them after the original allegations came up? Was he blackmailing her? Why did Debbie actually threaten the cops with “consequences” if they didn't return the smashed computers she CLAIMED were her property? Why were they privy to so much secret information without security clearances? And is ALLOWING such access not a crime? (Patriot Post)

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