Friday, August 4, 2017

It "Spreads Like A Cancer"

The “Russian Connection” probe is “spreading like a cancer” on our government. It is the Dumocrats' attempt to reverse the 2016 election, which is one of the greatest losses the Dumocrats have ever suffered. They want to come up with something, ANYTHING, to support their contention that Trump is not a properly elected president, and should be impeached. But in the days since the election, they have not come up with a SINGLE bit of evidence that what they say is true, and they're digging like moles, looking. The latest is the action of the “special counsel” Comey leaked info to get appointed impaneling a grand jury in his witch hunt “investigation” that he has widened to include Trump's business dealings—something that has nothing to do with the possibility of his “collusion with the Russians” to get elected. Will they ever admit that it didn't happen and stop their witch hunt? doubtful—not until they get rid or Trump, anyway. (Patriot Post)

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